The Sleep Process You Need Be Aware Of

Sleep is a complex process that takes place in the brain and is influenced by the influences of internal and external factors. The whole process of sleep, can be divided into four phases:The preparation, the falling asleep, The sleep, The awakening. Click here to know about PQQ.

The Preparation

Yellowing, heavy and burning eyelids, here are the clear symptoms of sleep. This is how the body tells us that it needs sleep after a period of mental and physical activity.

The Falling asleep

This is characterized by an evolution of the movements of the eyes, which, from fast, become rolling and slow. When one falls asleep, the body temperature decreases. To achieve this, the body produces a lot of water (perspiration), which evaporates on the skin.

The sleep

Sleep Proper sleep consists of several cycles. Each cycle is followed by an intermediate stage, during which we wake up for a moment. We wake up about seven to ten times a night on average, usually without being aware of it.If you want to sleep well, then you can take PQQ. It has been proven that this medicine helps to control your stress-level and helps you to sleep well. Visit this site to know about PQQ in detail.


During each cycle of about 1.5 hours, you go through the following phases:

Light sleep: the first stage of your sleep is light and short. We only go through this stage a few times each night. When you first enter this stage, your thoughts slowly evaporate and your muscles begin to relax. Then your heart rate slows down and your body temperature drops.

Deep sleep After about 20 minutes, your body and your brain are completely relaxed. That’s when brain activity is the weakest. This phase of sleep is also called “deep sleep”. The probability that you will wake up during this phase is extremely small, and this is where you are most difficult to wake up. Deep sleep is extremely important for your recovery and your physical and mental health.

REM sleep (MOR): after about 30 minutes of deep sleep, a strange thing happens: your brain and body flutter instead of relaxing, your heart starts to accelerate, your breathing becomes superficial and your eyes move from left to right. You are in REM sleep (or MOR for quick eye movements). This is also the phase in which you dream. You wake up briefly and start a new cycle to go through the different phases.

The awakening

Towards the morning, the sleep becomes gradually less deep, and we go back little by little towards the awakening. When you wake up, your body temperature rises. Your body does it spontaneously, as if the biological clock turns on heating, so to speak.

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