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Affinity is a private condominium development project that is located at Serangoon. It is a 99 years lease project and will be launched in the estate of north Serangoon and the Serangoon gardens. Oxley Holdings is the one that leads the project as a joint venture with KSH Holdings and Apricot along with Liang Beng group will work in developing the site. The site will have a great view s it is facing the Serangoon estates. The property as a whole is said to have 40 strata houses along with 5 commercial shops. The major constituent of this project is the 1012 units which will be built keeping families in mind. The construction will be done in such a way that the space is used efficiently and the beautiful views are not hindered at any cost. The use of the available space will also be maximized as a major aspect of this project. North South orientation facing will be the most common layout as it will be used in many units. The convenience and the amenities that the project brings along with it should be enjoyed by people.

 Avenue South Residence

The project has a TOP date that will be somewhere around the mid of 2022. This might also change due to the circumstances. North MRT will be the closest station which will be just 4 min walk away from the project. The particular webpage offers all the prices of different units in the property. Anyone can look for it in the internet and have a vague idea of what the houses cost. The prices that are quoted for these properties are fixed on the basis of a number of factors. They include the legal costs, the administrative costs, commissions involved, construction costs and also the development costs. The prices available on the site are published on a guide price basis. If a person wants to know the price of a single unit they will have to contact the sales associates and talk to them to get a better picture. The other factors deciding the prices of the units are the size of it, facing and the lofts. An average estimation is that one unit in Avenue South Residence may come with a selling price of $2000 to $2300 psf. The project is said to be completed in 4 to 5 years from now that is 2023 to 2024. They may also change due to various factors.

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