Essentials of the XDS Frame Technology

The XDS Bicycle Company prides itself as one of the global leaders in the manufacturer of carbon fiber. Better still, it’s China’s largest bicycle manufacturing factory. The company has over 300 patents worldwide; the company strives to ensure that its fans ride the best bikes at any one time.

The X6 Ultra Light Aluminium Alloy Frames

Partnerships in innovation have a way of pushing limits beyond the unimaginable. This is the case with the X6 Ultra Light Aluminium Alloy Frames. They were born out of a partnership between the Xds bicycle company and the Aluminium Alloy Research Institute of Central South university.

X6 is a high quality hydro-formed alloy frame, made from the composition of the most stuff Alluminium alloy for the lightest, top tier frame. Such a reliable frame achieves the greatest agility in flight while riding, enabling the rider to outpace competitors easily. With this frame, deformation and stretching resistances have been reduced by up to 50% and 30% respectively. The frames are much thinner and lighter as compared to the original alloy frame. Reduction of weight is geared at improving the rider’s handling, as well as speed. The frame has also been tested for fatigue and found to be 50% more resistant to fatigue. This means that it has longer service life for the rider.

The ULC Ultra Light Carbon Frame

These ultra light carbon frames are designed to increase performance. All the materials are carefully considered, including how well they combine to ensure optimal performance. The company’s molding Monocoque and dual mold technology is applied in spheres of this frame to bring a balance between intensity, stiffness and weight. The target to have the ULC frames adopt T700 or higher.

xds bikes

Dual Mold Technology ensures that Xds bikes are made frames with both internal and external molds to guarantee the precision of all the materials used. The consistency of application of this technology across all frames ensures that weight is minimized at the expense of maximizing performance.

SP Consummate Jointing

Nobody doesn’t like a great bike frame. XDS knows this, and has employed the use of robots to carry out very intricate aluminium alloy welding. This is meant to achieve even welding and bead bead penetration for a clean, flawless appearance. Other processes employed here include melting, smooth jointing, repeated baking, as well as polishing. The looks, coupled with enhanced performance, give you satisfaction and cycling fulfillment.

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