5 Ultimate Reasons of Using SSL Certification

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the ultimate friend and backbone of every business website for providing the secure network to the visiting user. The SSL certificate is necessary for every business organization to secure their important documents and details of the customers such as Debit card details, credit card details and passwords, etc. It is mandatory in 2018 that every website must have the certification of the SSL from the trusted CA. In the modern era, you can easily differentiate between the SSL certification website and non SSL certification website by seeing the website URL structure. If the website URL structure starts with HTTP, then it is not a secured website to visit. But if the URL of the website starts with the HTTPS, then it is a secure website and has the SSL certification or connection in the web server.


Reasons why you need SSL certification:

  • Eliminate the risk of Theft or hack: The website that has the HTTPS in the URL is safe to visit. It shows that the website has the SSL certification from the trusted CA. The usage of SSL certificate eliminates the risk of any kind of hacking of the website and theft of the personal customer details like a debit card, credit card, and password details, etc.
  • Customer trust: If the customer is satisfied by navigating the entire website and all his/her personal details remain safe and secure then your website gains the trust level. It helps in the Google ranking, and your website will appear on the first page of the Search Engine. Google only shows the website which gains the trust and better for the user experience.
  • Security to existing and new users: As we know that internet is a platform where you can easily promote the business website and attracts the customers, but you also attracts the cybercriminals and hackers towards your business websites. The SSL certification will give security to the users from the hackers because it is impossible for the hackers to hack the website which has the SSL connection or certification.
  • Secure online platform for transactions: Every businessman wants to make a business website which is user-friendly and has a secure network. With the SSL certification, the user can easily transfer and pay the money for their purchase from the secure payment option. It also reduces the risk of theft or steal of the online payment details like net banking, credit card and many more, etc.
  • Helps in Ranking: In 2014 Google confirmed that the website that has HTTPS in URL would get the favor of ranking higher in the search engine as compared to the website URL HTTP. The SSL certification helps the business website to rank higher, and only the SSL website is HTTPS in the URL.
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